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Thyroid hormones have a crucial role in child development. In babies, lack of thyroid hormone is deleterious, especially for brain development, and babies who have abnormal thyroid glands are at risk for mental retardation. Newborn screening programs have been implemented to diagnose lack of thyroid hormone shortly after birth. In the majority of cases, the thyroid has not developed in the correct location (thyroid ectopy, and in the worst case, athyreosis - i.e. absence of thyroid) and does not function properly. The reason why the thyroid gland does not attain its proper place in the neck is largely unknown. Therefore, it is important to better understand this disease, to diagnose it early and to optimize treatment.

Beyond the thyroid

Even if our research is currently focused on the epidemiology and genetics of congenital hypothyroidism, we are also interested in other congenital endocrine disorders affecting the cortisol, the hormone of stress. Moreover, the impact of social determinants on the health of children with endocrine disorders and diabetes is becoming a concern for our team.

congenital hypothyroidism: becoming more frequent ?
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Fetal Goiter
Low-income areas increase risks for diabetic children
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research news - April 2015
Epigenetic and the thyroid
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Epigenetic and the thyroid

Role for tissue-dependent methylation differences in the expression of FOXE1 in non-tumoral thyroid glands (JCEM 2014) The main outcome of the...

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